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I Never Wanted It To Be Like This

I never wanted to be a player
I never wanted US to be like this
I never wanted to play you, baby
I never wanted more than one first kiss
I never wanted anyone but you
I never wanted extra 'i love you's

I got bored with one and moved on to the next
Momma, i never wanted me to be like this!
I say 'I love you' to a dozen guys
Because i so hate to say goodbye
I never meant to imply true love
I didn't mean to say that you're all 'the one'

Momma, tell me why'd i do this to my friends?
Why'd I begin something knowing there'd be a hard end
Why, when it hurts me so bad
Did I hurt them, make them sad
Lord, God! He said he cried!
He said the only love he wanted was mine

But the number two stepped on the scene
Poor kid with divorced parents who're so mean
I had to help him out, didn't I?
They weren't lies I gave him, They weren't lies...
So I told him I was there for him and i was, i will be!
I didn't know that he was falling in love with me!

Then, of course, there's number three
Who is a punk but he still loves me
I hang out with him, give him the time of day
But when someone asks who i like i dont use his name
I talk to him lots, and he's my friend
I didn't know there was a begining, so how can there be an end?

Theres numer four, number five and then 5 more
All this lovin makes me seem like a whore
But i didn't know that they all liked me!
I thought that 'friends' is all we'd ever be
I guess i flirt, I thought i was being nice
I dont like to hurt, i don't like to fight

I like to talk to them! They're real cool guys
But, mom, they love me, and that's not right!
I'm not with anybody, not officially
But that one is the only one i want to love me
why do they like me? it doesn't even make sense!
I don't wear make-up and I love my parents

I'm not a bad girl, I'm a goody-two-shoes
I barely ever win but i never lose
I'm not a slut and I don't give it up
So how does their friendship suddenly turn to love?
I like them all but not that way
It seems like there's a new one every day

Momma, help me out, what do i do?
How I wish i could say this to you
But no, you'd just scowl and turn away from me
It seems like I can't do anything right lately
I never meant to be a player, friends
I dont like starting things that I know have an end

I never wanted it to be like this
I never wanted one then the next
I just want one! and stick with that for a while
I boy who'll make me laugh and make me smile
I know you all want my attention
But, sorry loves, all of you fit that description

I wont be a player, i've been played before
I know how it hurts and I want no more
Than for you to be happy with the girl of your dreams
But honestly guys, you can't ALL love me!
I never wanted it to be like this
For now im just gonna stay a 'Miss'

The single life is what I'd lead
I'll be with no one and no one with me
I don't wanna hurt anyone!
So i'm not going to say I'm in love
I didn't and i wont and i dont plan on it
Because I never planned on it being like this

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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