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I Never Was

I never was much good at Gaelic Football or at any sports I never made the grade
Though I came from a place of famed sports people where for sporting successes there was many a parade
But I grow older without any regrets the past has gone the future lay ahead
I do not need fame but I would like more money and the thought of the reaper inspires in me dread
The memories of the past they seem to follow I take them with me to everywhere I go
Yet in the place where I was born and raised in not many people there I now would know
And yet the present is only what matters 'tis for the now that we only can live
Though my friends of the past with fondness I remember and in my heart my foes I do forgive
On looking back the years have gone so quickly and time for anyone it doesn't seem to wait
And with every other life form on the Planet we are destined to share a common fate
We live awhile then we are gone forever no proof of life beyond the graves of death
As time goes the longest lived of us are not that long lived each breath we take one nearer our last breath
The past has gone the present is what matter and as for tomorrow 'tis another day
To other life forms are we any different on our lives the reaper has the final say.

by Francis Duggan

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