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I Never Will (True Story)
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I Never Will (True Story)

As I look down at my little girl
I wonder what's on her mind
While she sleeps
The dreams she keeps
I wonder is heaven on her mind

It hasn't been long we were told
She soon would no longer be around
That while she plays
And laughs each day
Her little body is slowly breaking down

The other day while at the doctors
To treat her for the cancerous growth
She broke and ran
And cried to the man
You're not helping me please let me go

I watched as they held her on the table
Then the radiation machine was turned on
Then she broke loose from the man
And held out her hand
And cried daddy please let me go home

It was then I couldn't take it any longer
My little girl is falling apart
Her pretty blonde hair
Now patches everywhere
Her body now embedded with scars

Oh how I love my little girl
But the torment and the pain is so real
Oh how I'd love to say
Darling we don't have to stay
And it hurts to think I never will.

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