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I Noticed The 21st Is Ascension Day.

You’re heading true north
but truth is elusive, useless
even. Incorporeal monads
have soul. Corporeal monads
got it rough. And I think therefore
divides man and beast merely.  
After that it’s a free-for-all.  
The roots of monasticism,
I learned last night, are in
plain sight, mono, one body
being ample for a lifetime.  

In six days you will be
dust (or not) , perspective
being everything and a bias.  
In six days in your eyes
the shebang:  a speck approaching or
receding.  Happy birthday.

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Jeeze, I hope everyone is still alive and functional. Your comments are so generous and intelligents. Kelly, monads are some device the philosopher Leibniz used but as the years go on, I'll be darned if I remember much except that they roundish and nothing gets and nothing gets out. By the way, if anyone's interested, lo these SIX YEARS LATER, I blog now and then at My 3,000 Loving Arms (enter that plus my name into Google-I don't think I should give a url to another site here) .
yes, nice style. Thought provoking and unique use of language. A lot of thought seems to go into your stuff, explaining why there isn't more here yet. Didn't the narrator in T. Wilder's 'Our Town' note that (paraphrasing) God cared as much about quality as He does about quantity? Nice work, cjm
not sure what 'Incorporeal monads' are but who cares you title your pieces well please, please write more i love your style.......... ~kelly
SARAH, YOUR A GOOD WRITER........................NICE POEM.