AO (October 14. / Ohio)

I Noticed

Today was not the same
Everything was pushed in my face
And i hurt to see the shame
I noitced I'm different and barely ever speak
I noitced that i'm very mild and barely make a peep
I'm pushed out of the world, because of the way i act.
They dont want someone like me
They dont want someone who talks back
If I were to die today, would they remember?
Would they care?
Or would they act like it never happend
Like I just disenagrated into thin air.

Who is this 'they' I speak of you might ask.
Its the people who push me out.
Who mock the way I am.
Classmates, teachers and neighbors.
Children like girls and boys.
I am human
My emotions should not be toyed.
Black hearts and death wishes.
All the best to my enemies.
I wish you could see.
I wish you to hell
I wish you there.
By the power of three times three.

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By writing, you commune with yourself. When you write you acknowledge your own existence. Keep writing, because 'this 'they' ' that you 'speak of' is yourself. Keep writing AoD.