I Offer You My Heart

Time stands still for one brief moment
The air gently plays with the hair around my face
Today I stand alone
Ready to face the one thing I regret
Too long I have ran
Straying far from anyone I could trust
Life wasn’t my only fear,
Betrayal was what truly killed

So I stand here on the edge
Ready to jump
Thoughts racing around in my head
Trust is what I want
I gave my heart away once before,
Only to have it handed back
Bruised and bloody
The wounds have yet to heal
Scares still litter the flesh
I kept it locked away in a box
Never to be hurt again
That was until the key,
Long forgotten,
Was found
The chest was opened and exposed I was to the world
A new feeling long hidden awoke to wondering eyes

Now I give my heart up
A relationship to forge
A trust to instill
This jump no longer feels high
Anxiety has faded
The past is in the past, and
The future is open

Until that heart is taken,
I will not jump
Until the trust is given,
I will not fall
Until I find me,
I will stand alone

by Corey Mason

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