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I Once Helped

I was once burnt badly by a match
So, now l don't trust fire,
I was once used by the one that I loved
So, now I will not become a liar.
I have a believing soul and a big heart
Which everyone knows is true,
But, my heart will not ever be broken again;
Not even by you.

When anyone has ever needed my aid
I was there with my outreached hand,
When anyone was ever scared and/ or alone
By them I would always stand.
When anyone ever needed to borrow a dollar
I was prepared and there with my cash,
As quickly as they needed my help;
I was there in a flash.

When anyone ever cried out for support
I was soon to be there,
When I gave a promise I would always keep it
Certainly for them, I truly did care.
From broken promises I started condemning people
From who God will also judge as well,
I though will not give them a second chance;
Whereas God, will send them to hell.

Randy L. McClave

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Don't allow bad life circumstances, and bad people, to adversely affect that kind heart of yours. Just exercise more care in who you expose that kind heart to! : -)