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I Once Lived 00

A familiar scent takes the breeze
It still drowns me
A memory runs from a lost part with in,
something grips my heart, but a piece is missing
I still hold on to everything in us.
My tears are hungry searching for some peace
You were the only place I wasn't empty or cold
Now you have left me alone.
I could never let you go, though your eyes closed
I was lost there, that part of you made me whole.
I held you close as you slipped into the sky
Your heart stopped against mine
Your blood still hot turned my skin cold
lacing through my fingertips cutting my soul
I begged and begged yet you still said good bye
Once you were mine, you held it all together,
then had to let go.
I don't want to be with out you I can't be
Still I am hepless to reach you accept in dreams
You burn through my eyes with flashes of red and blue
And I find truth in this, the sealing breath of life in our last kiss
I guess every one dies, but in you
I once lived

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