I Once Loved The Books So Much

I once loved the books so much
Seeing them made me glad
Now they sadden me
I do not read them anymore
I do not go back to them
They are just there as things
They are not worth anything anymore to me
But they remind me of how much I cared for them once
Each one a special treasure
Now I don't care for them
They make me sad
They tell me how empty I have become
And how little interests me
It is true that when I die
Worlds of information will die with me
Some of which I alone have
But it doesn't seem to matter anymore
All the learning
All the knowledge
Once it meant so much
And now it is nothing as I soon will be nothing
The books that once brought me happiness
Now bring me sadness
Empty I am and empty I will be
Until I need to read again.

by Shalom Freedman

Comments (3)

Good poem!
An amazing and thoughtful poem, a well penned write.
Good Bye Tomes Tomes! there was a time when you guided me, you did a wonderful job by keeping me in control, you saved me from mental disorders, and many foolish acts. When I came to know love is my only instinct, and all other instincts are slaves of love, and now when I fell in love with beauty, I find beauty is enough for me, and it’s scattered not only on the earth, but all over the universe, space less, timeless, and, bounds less! Now I don’t need a tome, So with love I bid farewell to you. Good Bye Tomes! (Here is my new poem Bri Edwards, and you inspired me to write it)