NLL (17.05.1981 / The Molten Core)

I Only Hope I Can Help

Beat my breast to numb your pain
Cry endless tears, call me names.
Bury yourself in my open arms
Hold in your hands her silver charms.

rest your sad head upon my lap
do not fall into that deadly trap
Where some men fall and never come back
Dead souls wondering an endless track.

Expose your emotions I shall not tell
do not retreat into your lonely shell.

It is selfish I know but I want to share your grief
You are drifitng away like a just fallen leaf.
This condition is consuming I call it love
It is all I have, I hope its enough.

by Not Long Left

Comments (2)

Although I should read and comment more frequently - on the works of others on the board I rarely do - However I did read “I only hope I can help” and totally enjoyed it. Pax Vobiscum Steve
I am sure it is plenty. Such concern and compassion. Wonderful