I Only Want Your Best God

Never, ever did I think,
At anytime in my life,
That I’d be the author of,
A Christian poetry site.

Okay, Okay, I know, I know,
Web sites haven’t been around that long,
Alright, so how about this?
Writing Christian poems and songs.

The Masters’ plan is just that,
It doesn’t matter where you want to be at,
When your name is called and given a task,
In the name of Jesus you are now steadfast.

Firmly planted in a soulful root,
Straight like an arrow your vine will shoot,
Then to entwine all that you need,
Complete the assignment and return the deed.

It doesn’t mean God will not answer requests,
However, why would you settle for second best?
Accept the challenge with vigor and grace,
Knowing upon completion you’re in first place.

Why is it so easy to take a gift from man?
Yet with God we try to wiggle away?
As the present withers from human hands,
Oh God, why did you lead us astray?

People say they want the best from Him,
And when He puts it front of their face,
Because it’s not what they expected,
Many seek answers in another place.

Alcohol, needles, sniff & swallow drugs,
You poor little baby and all because,
God didn’t give what’s wanted more of,
So now you are feeling abandoned, unloved.

Whenever God speaks your name,
To answer whatever call,
Remember He will choose another,
Should you quit, stumble and fall.

I only want your best God,
Isn’t always peaches and cream,
Walk by faith and not by sight,
Things aren’t as bad as they seem.

by Luke Easter

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