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I Only Wish
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I Only Wish

Hi my love,
Can you hear me,
Standing in this lonely field,
Crying out your name?

Can you know,
How much I want you?
Can you know,
How much I care?
Can you know,
How much I need you?
Can you know,
This pain I bear?

I only wish that I could tell you,
I only wish that you could know,
I only wish that I could hold you,
Forever letting our love flow.

And as the sun slips in the earth,
And beauty rolls across the sea,
I'd let the canvass say, 'I love you'
And as one, we'll forever be.

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Comments (3)

inspiration Moves manypeople but its best when comes in form of poetry
Yes, Warren even you can be right (: -) .... It is a very beautiful poem and you can feel the love big enough seemingly to touch you as a bystander. Some people are incapable of love, they would never be able to write poetry like this. H
Whoever this poem is meant for is a very very lucky. The extent of love of one person for another can never ever be shared. we can only try through poetry and song and dance and what not. This is a beautiful poem. -war