ANS (April 30th / New York)

I Opened My Eyes

A ruthless heart I kept
Feelings, emotions, all truths i'd hide
I shut my eyes to a world of lies
I never let a soul inside
Now I see life through his eyes
His heart opened up the eyes I shut,
To a world I never knew was here
I never knew how much I could care
He's not a lover but a brother to me
He made me see how short life can be
I'll lose myself if I lose him
As he fights eachday for his life
I hold his hand as he slips away
Why him is all I say, a man so full of love
Is he wanted that bad so high above?
I understand now what it is to care
I understand now that life isn't all fair
Please spare him, his smile we need
His selfless ways, shattered the demons in me
I opened my eyes and finally see

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