In The Blink Of An Eye They'll Be Gone

Those were a long
seven years that I spent in solitary confinement
where I spent
the best part of my young life
deep in thought, I thought
why should I care if they don't
why do some people
bring children into a poverty trapped life
miserable with no way out
hungry green bottle flies laying their egg's
buzzing around their open blank eyes
with no hope of receiving
any education no more than ignorant cattle
with little or no value other than to provide
more money to those that don't need it
how can there be
any real hope for U.S. I think as I sink
further into a deep ocean of apathy
having said this I think that perspectives
on this will never change
as people finnish killing what was once
a beautiful planet
knowing now
why our creator's no longer care
or have tea or come to vist with U.S. any more.

by James McLain

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