This Anti-Christian World Trend

ISIS is wiping out Christianity

In Islam nations of non-conformity;

They say, “Convert to Islam…! ”

Also, goes for Uncle Sam.

Thanx to the Obama/Holder fraternity!

This O/H frat,, is bent on their eternal

Focus again’t USA Christians - A betrayal

That needs to be told

To the young, and to the old,

And put a stop to this imploding Scandal!

Yeah, that’s right. World-wide killing of the Christian

When Godless kings put their trust in the Koran;

In these Last Days,

Just give Him praise,

And with our Lord God, you’ll always remain!

That way, when the roll is called up yonder,

You will, at that time, not have to wonder

If your true love

Ended up above

Or declined his/her own beheading murder!

by bobby beddoe

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