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I Pen Rhymes Because

I pen rhymes because it is something i like doing and not for money or literary renown
Rhyming helps me in my maudlin moments when i am feeling mentally down
It does give me something to live for since i cannot talk of personal success
Of such i have never known of any so my thoughts in rhyme online i express
A rhymer nowadays is out of fashion rhyme used to be a literary fashionable thing
The praises of free verse poets the literary critics do like to sing
Everyone have their own chosen hobbies the famous and the all but unknown
And sameness it does become boring like as is said to each their own
I penned my first rhymes in the early nineteen seventies in my physical and mental prime
And i have penned a lot of stuff since then for that is going back years in time
And suppose the reason rhyme is out of fashion is that anybody can rhyme
To me rhyme words make for pleasant music like bells with a musical chime
I am always happy when i am rhyming as it does bring some joy to my day
It is something to me that comes easy and i never could give it away.

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