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I Pen Rhymes

I pen rhymes in life that's my hobby
But as a rhymer I do lack in class
And the test of the average rhymer
I feel that I would not even pass

But I pen stuff on real human issues
And for the have nots of the World I do feel
Compared to most I am so lucky
To live many do have to steal.

Which sad for them lands them in prison
Behind bars they serve out their time
For in the book of the lawmakers
To steal to live deemed as a crime.

Some poets overlook the poor have nots
And the praises of celebrities they do sing
In their words they laud the affluent and influential
To me that does not seem a good thing

To be doing for writers who many look up to
To greater things young poets they inspire
Yet in their poems they ignore the have nots
And for that I for one them can't admire.

I pen rhymes I am just an average rhymer
And about me nothing special or nothing grand
In my life rhyming an addictive hobby
And my simple rhymes easy to understand.

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