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I pen rhymes about people and places and about the natural beauty i do see
And of the animals and birds i do see often who have their own homes not distant from me
Of life and Nature every day we are learning we learn as we live is only true to say
The book of life is full of endless knowledge and something new to learn of every day
The dark blue male satin bowerbirds their ornamental bowers are building in the high woods above Apollo Bay
For to attract the plainer looking females for to mate with them the only part in fatherhood they do play
Why some species of birds raise their young as partners and others raise their offsprings on their own
So much of Nature ways seem rather puzzling and to one like me remain as unknown
I pen rhymes of people i knew as a young man that i may well never again meet
Erswhile friends and mentors of my first homeplace in and near the Duhallow Town of Millstreet
We do age with our fading memories of the what used to be and of the long gone past
Though the now to us should only matter and as is said of time it ticks on fast
I am just another migrant rhymer one of those who does love penning rhyme
Who is getting on in years and feeling older and in mind and body feels the wear of time.

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