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I Penned My First Verses At 27

I penned my first verses at 27 when I was in my prime
In the Fall of 1973 and that's going back in time
Penning has become my addiction I pen more every day
Though from any sort of literary success I do seem far away
It is true writers are born and writers cannot be made
And few do earn their livelihood out of the wordsmith trade
Most writers write for the love of it without reward or pay
And in Nature always something for to write on every day
The wildborn creatures of Nature that hop and run and fly
The brown hare and the kangaroo and the eagle of the sky
The critics just ignore me I'm not seen as one of note
I'm just an addictive rhymer who will never be a poet
But I'm one who loves Nature and her i can't help but admire
And of singing her praises I am one who does not tire.

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