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I Pity Her

I pity her 'twas her worst ever birthday
With so little money and big bills to pay
And the best years of her life sad to say for her gone
And only her will to live keeps her keeping on.

To a not so good man she's a marvellous wife
And sad for her at this late stage of her life
That she has to contend with such heavy stress
Her financial situation it is in a mess.

She is a good person but luck is not on her side
And from her debtors for her she has nowhere to hide
Though for to be in such a position she is not the only one
On some life can be hard when all is said and done.

The day of her birthday she did not celebrate
This year for her it was not an important date
In financial trouble and with big bills to pay
Things can only get better is all she can say.

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