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I Pledge No Allegiance (C) 5-28-2010
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

I Pledge No Allegiance (C) 5-28-2010

I pledge no allegiance
Why should I care for President speeches
The same Muppet that lets businesses feed on us like leeches
The holders of the white stripe to claim that we’re pure
And make us feel sure even though my family is poor
The same people that turned their backs on the veteran men
That killed for the rich with only the means of betterin them
The ones that add a star for every nation we kill
Then claim as our states…
See no one sees this as real
Not one of them cares about what’s goin on in Israel
The “World Police” but if its none of our biz stay out
I used to look for a way out, and search for a purpose
Until I found out Jehovah alone you must render your sacred service
And if they teach us only to pray to God in churches
Then why should a flag be who I promise to worship
When vomit disperses from the red stripe of bloodshed
Because of secret information the Islamic “could” spread
I have to discern what should be of my concern
And I’ll earn my way in life but only if I learn
Never in the military will it be my turn
And rep a country when its flag is seen it’s torn and burned
The ones that are built on the Masonic way of life
Which God do they truly speak of on the dollar bill?
So many people are killed and filled with America’s lies
But don’t worry look to the flag if you want the blue skies
I will not be deceived into followin the blind
I see the design and I see the way it will end
Still in Iraq killin “Terrorists” in legions
Destroyin the lives of many but still searchin for reasons
So if I still gotta take this regents and
I’ll be the one to suffer the grievances
And they give me no one worth believing in
This is the reason I don’t pledge allegiance then

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You are not just a poet, you are a great Poet. You exactly know how to express great pieces of wisdom with rich metaphors and images using a very melodious and rich vocabulary. As for the content of this poem, I find my own convictions back here. Money, power and greed spur on greedy politicians to tell us tons of lies, trying to make us fearful, or even calling on our noble wants, only to make themselves more rich and powerful. It is a fact. Please stick to your commitment expressed here, never to join the army or become greedy. Young poets like you have another mission to fulfil... and you are well on the way. Keep it up, man.