(June 7,1982 / Fort Worth, Texas)

I Pray

Flesh of my flesh, breath of my breath, the reason I rise in the dawn. So I do what I do, pray how I pray, but I already have my blessing I see her everyday. I display my love in a variety of ways: five star luncheons, Tyler Perry plays, looking into your eyes, I could spend all of my days. Anticipating her each and every touch, a whiff of her perfume is more then enough. Such things bring pleasures to me that words could never tell. Sometimes I feel as though I’m entranced in a spell. Must be an angels tell, because in my world all is well. I can tell in detail the many ways you enjoy being fulfilled. Something so real we both feel and yet and still I feel as though I steal each and every moment, never wanting to let a second go. Like riding on a cloud, heavens a daunting task but if heavens like this hell I pass. At last my dreams have become a reality my earth angel standing right before me. Ignore me, heaven doesn’t. I saw heaven last night coming were we both came alleviated my problems soothed my pain. Five years and counting and those feelings still haven’t changed. Sustained by one tender kiss daily placed on these lips, a glance of the eye, a love so strong we never say bye. Simply have a good day and with that I watch a angel embark. This the only moment I remember a pain in my heart. But I smile in the back of my mind wonder how good it feels to have summer in the middle of cold chills, my earth angel something so real. Curved like a lady from head to toe, long black hair that moves with a rhythmic flow. All natural like our love nothing fake, when I’m feeling down she knows what it takes. All night love making, “no breaks”, ecstasy utopia satisfaction are at stake. So we hold it all in, let it build and rise till there’s no more to hold, then we release from the depths of our souls.. Yells well orchestrated moans an hour long. You may call it a climax; we prefer a swan song. Letting the world know the seed is still planted and there it still grows. Embedded deep, analoged in our souls, never mistaken, never misplaced. I can truly say at this moment, “I know loves embrace”. I’ve seen heaven… I’m staring her in the face. Lord my god never let this be replaced.

by Keith Hardeman

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