I Pray

I pray I don’t continue repeating myself in life.
I pray I know your voice Lord.
I pray I cannot be persuaded to do wrong.
I pray I pray enough to keep from harms way.
I pray I read the bible enough to get my daily understanding.
I pray.
I pray not for understanding but, look for answers in your way.
I pray not for riches and beauty, I am fortunate in so many ways that I see.
I pray not for my mate but try to encourage him to pray with me.
I pray not for him to love me but for GOD to bless our love.
I pray.
I pray not to keep us together because if we aren’t growing together toward GOD I do not want to stay together.
I pray not for a house to share with him, I tell him this is what I want in the near future so he can decide what he wants to do.
I pray I am able to tell everyone what GOD wants me to say to them so they will know I mean no harm and want no trouble.
I pray.
I pray this prayer for myself because I need stronger insight and less worldliness.
I pray this prayer for my life because I want to be closer to you Lord.
I pray.
And I pray.
(S.W. Washington, DC)

by kim bundy

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