I Pray For You

It's National Prayer Day on this the 3rd of May.
Setting aside time to pray today,
although it should be done everyday
and even several times a day.

Not pleas for yourself,
although God will listen and help.
It's not always what you want to hear.
Sometimes it may be severe.
Tested faith it can be called.
Makes one strong for the long hall.

Today should be set aside for others though.
Even the ones you may not know.
For all the greater good of man,
and peace to all God holds in his hands.

I will bend my knees and pray,
and ask God that there maybe no delay
on answering your prayers today
and may peace be with you in every way.

(3 May 2007)

by JoJo Bean

Comments (2)

And i will also pray for you, dear. It's a good feeling that somebody cares for you. We need each other..A nice flowing peom, comes from your heart. I love it!
JoAnn, although I don't know if we have one in England. But we should have for everyone. Brilliant write. My prayers are always with you. Thanks for sharing this my friend. Dodgy Dave