A Sizzling Love Affair

Her horny hands pulled him in her house
to have some snacks and tea,
as he was her schoolmate,
a gleaming trumpet in the class those days
but people now murmur about her putting ‘s' before ‘trumpet'.
" Look at me and write a paean for me ", she whispered.
"I will get fainted if I see your eyes straight", he said.
"See my body and feel dizzy", she mumbled.
"I will fall headlong into hell, if I do so", he begged to leave him.
"That sculptor asked me stand bare
and got an award for the statue he made", she cajoled.
" I don't look at the hair-pin bends or peaks
on which many a head tumble and roll
with the sensual eyes of a painter.
I'm a mind- reader and a heart- plumber.
I'll be sparked if something remarkable found", he narrated.
" To hell with your eyes, which are shy
to gaze at me and fly high in the sky.
A doctor looked at me as a civil engineer did.
A teacher marveled at me as if a tower crumbled by a quake.
A scientist was a silent spectator on me.
A cinema director brought his video camera to record.
But a politician is an impostor
who pays not for the pleasure he finds.
You, a bearded pen-wielder, don't excite me,
with your enthralling lines to take my soul to heaven.
Don't bloom yourself seeing the stunning spectacles
of this figure which lit the lamp of life in several homes"
she recounted and her last words urged him to take his pen.
But a police officer entered and took her into dark
and he wended his way out to see the refugees
and their starvation-painted faces on the borders.

by Rajendran Muthiah

Comments (5)

When a soul realized, forgiveness is not so far and he cannot wait so long? definitely he adjust his sails homebound!
I think Uriah put it perfectly. And this is a truly well-written, soulful, heartfelt piece. As I write one weekend after you penned this, I hope those four eyes are shining again with love! t x
Of course he knows. Sweet and lovely confession. Love Ernestine XXX
Mary, your soul is beautiful and kind! ! Who would not forgive you?
Love and forgivness, forgivness and love - that's what it is all about. Tara - a lesson in forgiving...herself. Love you My Blooming Fleur!