BB (03/02/93 / Surrey, England)

I Preferred You Then

Time forgot us
hours turned into days
without consequence or reason
something I couldn't quite explain

Your eyes
watching over me
as if I was something
you would never see again

The look you gave me
whispered I love you
without use of words
like no words would quite do

A breeze rippled
over grass and through trees
through my hair
and your finger tips
reached out to mine

It was one of those
most amazing moments
that made you fear
nothing ever would be
this perfect again

I can't pretend
that I preferred you then

Now we're running
from each other
or from ourselves?
can't face the truth
rather die trying to escape
then admit to our separate fates

Such a breakable thread
that's the only thing
connecting us now
stretched painfully through time
it hurts more each day
we're at breaking point now

We fight
and you shout
with all my might
I scream back
or curl up and cry
and as all reason
faded from our lives
I no longer could say
what I was fighting for

When I can't remember
how it felt
with you finger tips
reaching out to mine

Can't remember
how even on the coldest day
being with you was all the warmth
I could ever need

Can't remember
ever needing you
and not being let down

I cannot remember
that look of yours that said
I love you in a thousand ways
and I can't pretend
I preferred you then.

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