I Promise

Ay girl, I've seen a lot of guys try to get close to you
Giving cash, fancy gifts, and more other things they try to do
But trust me girl, their love just a fling and never be true
They just wanna have some fun or maybe make a fool out of you

Now I can't give you all the fancy gifts or any of that
But trust me girl, I promise will never make you sad
I will always be there for you no matter day or night
Never let you down and always be there by your side

I promise to listen when you want to have your say
And I will make you smile whenever you have a bad day
We will be walking together like Scully and Mulder
Cause in my heart there's only you there are no other

I can't promise you perfection but I promise my love is strong
I promise to do my best to keep everything great and nothing goes wrong
In my heart and my embrace is the place where you belong
When you with me I promise will never sing you a sad song

Girl, if you're looking for a man who will always understand
Stop looking now cause I'm the man and will always try to fulfill all your demands
Promise to build your dreams with my own two hands
Cause for me girl, your wish will be my command

I promise to hold you in my arms so you never feel neglected
Makes you feel worthy and always being appreciated
I will always cheer you up and never let you aggravated
Believe in my words girl, cause it is true not adopted

I promise to provide you with sweet and strong love atmosphere
So come walk with me girl and have no fear
Even death will have hard time to tears us apart
Cause now and forever you will always be my sweetheart.

by Mohd Rashidi Mohd Zin

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Comments (3)

This was written for a valentine contenst, tried to make it real as possible. Thanks a lot for your comments.
Exactly. True love. Hope your wishes and dreams come true.
wow, pure love. you must be a full blooded male.