I Quit

I knew it would be very hard, I did it so long.
But my faith and determination has made me strong.
I start each day with a prayer in my heart.
Not to reach for that first one just for a start.
I race to kitchen and the coffee pot.
I tell myself, wait till the coffee's hot.
But when I do my cup is filled.
My thoughts for a smoke has grown still.
All through the day I keep quite busy.
Praying the nicotine fit won't put me in a tizzy.
Each day seems better than the one before.
My breathing getting better than it was and more.
I've seen the movies and learned a lot.
How smoking can buy you a cemetery plot.
Life is so beautiful so smoking we must dread.
What it does to your body can kill you dead.
I quit after smoking for quite a few years.
Upon quiting I'll not shed any tears.
This cough I've had will soon be gone.
As my lungs once again get well and strong.

by Lois M. Crockett

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