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I Ran (Iranian Election Results)

If Ahmedinejad had...
I mean had won fair and square
Why would anyone care?
People are crying foul
Because something stinks
As Police wave battons
Violence is everywhere on the bink

Why are University Students being placed behind bars
Why are they being bloodied by armed thugs
While election criticism is being swept under rugs
Critics minimized as if they were crazy or on drugs

Why was Moussavi's campaign office torched
Why was Khatami threatened with a bomb
Why were internet communications jammed
It's obvious that the election was scammed

Why are protestor's scared behind doors locked
Why are the Revolutionary Guard's guns cocked
While the underpinnings of the reform are rocked
And rights of dissenters are buried and mocked

It's amazing to watch corruption at work
Seeing how it strongarms and silences voices
Inflicting it's oppression and supression
Taking away people's free-will and limiting their choices

They ask the world for 10 days to themselves certify the elections
That's likely the time they need
To round up the protester's computers
And to sever their connections

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