I Realize.........

I realize I may never again feel your tender caress,
Your sweetest touch,
Or your most comforting embrace,
Within which all of my demons have been tamed.

I realize I may never again see the beauty of your eyes,
Those vivid bright greens,
Or the darkness of a forest,
Within which I was often lost upon a summer's day.

I realize I may never again hear the music of your voice,
That melodious rumble which is your laugh,
Or the sweet tang of your whispers,
Within which you spoke to me of your inner heart-
For all the truths only I have seen.

And I realize that these things now withheld from me,
Remain forever restrained within you....
And as I lie here serenely waiting, I wonder,
Will you sacrifice everything-
Or summon the strength to restore it all?

by Lesa MRK

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another good one....left me kind of speechless....for me the eyes were blue....but almost reminded me completely oh him....