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I Really Want To Know

I love the time we share
Your head resting on my shoulder
I feel solitude and peace when you're there
And in my heart I really love you and care

But love is binding, I'm finding
It sometimes feels like a snare
Sometimes I need to feel free
Even if freedom feels like taking a dare

I have but one heart
But there are many I hold inside
I don't like being confronted about feelings
Neither do I like having to hide

But when we're close
Your heart is all I feel
In that moment we share
Love is so real

I wonder if it's possible
that you can accept me just as me
I can't believe in love
unless it feels free

Maybe in time closer we'll grow
I have an open heart about that being so
Until then we'll just have to wonder though
My heart has a few more seeds it must sow

So lets take it slowly
and give it a chance
I love you and I know it's romance
Don't I hold you close when we dance?

My heart was so broken
And as it's been mending it grew
I have a lot of love in here for you
But I've taken in a few

Its hard to understand
I know what you're saying
But trust me in this
I love you, I'm not playing

Just hold me when close
when we have the chance to be near
You're somoene I love much
And I'm so glad God brought you here

No matter what happens
you're always my friend
My care for you is true
And so it has no end

But for now please don't ask me
to love only one
That's like trying to shut down
The rays of the sun

In the end
do we own each other
when it's all said and done
Aren't we all part of one?

So if this is a love story
Let's hold on loosely and take our time
I love being a part of your heart
Your's is forever a part of mine

The memory of your touch
Time could never erase
When I think of your loving smile
and the care upon your face

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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