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I Refuse To Be 'Maxwell'*
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I Refuse To Be 'Maxwell'*

I refuse to be 'Maxwell',
Though that is my name.
When mom called me that,
Was she playing some game?

Maxwell was her father,
Who died just before
I came into the world
Through her open front door.

This custom of sticking
Old names on a tot,
Thus saddling them down,
I think it is not

Quite fair! Who's she see,
When she calls me by name?
Does she see me or him?
To her, are we the same?

'Max' sounds like a boxer.
I'm not quite one of those.
But I'm not my dead grandpa!
They leave no other choice.

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Comments (7)

My son's name is James, but Jimmy is his choice. When I call him James he knows he's in trouble! He's an adult now, but still insists on Jimmy. Go figure! Linda
My first name was once 'Joy.' I dropped it for I liked the mystery Of my middle name. Now I tell everyone, Once I was a Joy but not any more. (so now you know the true story.) Raynette
Well done Max...and I refuse to address you as Maxwell, don't want you to come down upon my head with a silver hammer. Kenneth
I'm filled with euphoria, My full name is Gloria! Well done, Max!
I always hated my name ' Amberlee' growing up, because Amber was such a boring and common name. Then when I got older, I started going by Amberlee, since that is my full first name..then I realized it was sort of different..now, it's not so bad. I actually like the name Max, it reminds me of youth... excellent poem by the way.
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