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I Refuse To Cry
MN (11-08-1970 / )

I Refuse To Cry

It seems to make no difference
to either you or I.
Sometimes it seems the pain's so deep
But I refuse to cry.

I'm stubborn...that's a given.
You knew this from the start.
I fear I have an icy hole
where I should have a heart.

I feel the pain...you know it.
I just don't let it show.
I see it as such weakness.
I don't want you to know.

Sometimes my soul is screaming
for the pain to be let out.
But I just don't know if I can...
instead, I sulk and pout.

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Comments (7)

... and write poetry. Great poem, Mary! ! Brian
To show our true feelings can be so hard when the mind wrestles with the heart.Great poem.Love Duncan
Don't pout Mary, it will spoil your lovely face. I was always being told not to pout when I was a child, I seemed to be doing it rather a lot then. But I like the stubborn bit, it's well worth keeping that, it helps you through a lot. Love Ernestine XXX
WOW! ! Told You! ! Mary. you are just getting better and better, deeper, away from what I always called 'Fluff' poems, and getting down and dirty, down where the pain lives, and letting go of what is down deep. Love ya! Scarlett
Stubborn and pride I believe we undestand this. Another wonderful write Mary Regards Patricia
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