I Rejoice In Renunciation (A Bhajan Of Kabir)

Friend, my heart now rejoices in renunciation.

The bliss I've attained chanting the Lord's Name
through riches it can never be gained.
I go on with my poor living, not minding
what the people have to say-
in praise or in denunciation.

My dwelling is in the city of His Love,
I seek solace in patient suffering.
A staff and a bowl in my hands, I roam about
I have my fiefdom in every direction.

O friend, this body will finally end in dust,
then why with pride are you puffed?

Says Kabir, listen O wise one,
the Lord is to be found in contentment.

by Sunil Uniyal

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It would be nice if you could give the titles of your beautiful translations of Kabir songs in the original Hindi also.