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I Remember
HW (Nov 4,1991 / )

I Remember

I remember it as if it were yesterday and you were sitting in my living room
We sneaked around so my mother wouldn't knew
You were my first real kiss
Well that was then and now the past is what I will miss
The first day that we met each other my stomach was full with butterflies
You was the only boy for me and you know why
Only thing was you wasn't faithfully mines
That all started years ago not I have moved on
Then all of a sudden you came back to me and that, I'm so over you attitude was gone
At that moment I felt so close to you that I shared something so special with you
That I never thought I would do! ! !
I try to act like it was the right decision, but deep down inside I wish I can take it back
I can do so much better and that's a fact
Now you have a child and all I can think of what if
These feelings that I had are all a myth
I can't even lie, all those feelings come back strong as ever
My heart is sore and falling deep in love again I don't think I'll never! ! !

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Wow that is really good, I like it a lot Keep up the good work.