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I Remember

I remember your arms from another long past night
The way you used to draw me up and hold me real tight
Water falling gently on the housetop and down the drain
And the night was filled with fire and the lonely rain

I remember the first time that I ever saw your face
Now it's a brain etching that I can't seem to erase
Told me that you would love me forever and then some
I used to marvel at where that kind of love came from

I remember when it was a good time, all the time, everyday
We used to laugh a lot, we loved a lot, and we both knew how to play
Everyone said we were both crazy and our love would last for life
We were gonna get married and make one another a husband and a wife

I remember the joy I felt when we planned our first home together
But it didn't last long cause it couldn't stand the changin weather
Don't ever know why I'm writing for there's no words for this pain I feel
But I know one thing-I'll never give my heart up again for anyone to steal

My memory is becoming a ghost town full of lost and better days
But the burden is on my heart strings and that is where the memory lays
Gotta go find me some sunshine and climb myself up there on a mountain high
Because if I remember one more good thing, I think I'll lay me down and

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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