C (October 1991 / New York)

I Remember

I remember it so clear
Just like it was yesterday
But you're still not here
And I can't forget that today

Why can't I forget?
It's been two years
I still remember that night
I still remember the tears

I remember sitting there
Watching time pass by
Praying and wishing
Just hoping you wouldn't die

I knew you were strong
I knew you would fight
But in the end,
It just didn't turn out right

So I sit here and remember
Knowing you are in a better place
I love you and miss you
I just wish I could see your face.

(I'm not much of a poet, so please let me know how you think it is. Thanks.)

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i like this alot its really good ive read alot of your poems and you are a poet
i like it. i thinks its great. good job.