I Remember A Time

I remember a time many years ago
When I was a cowboy, Indian, and even a ghost,
When tobacco fields grew and mothers would sew,
When friends came over for Mom’s Pot Roast

I remember a time many years ago,
When you rode a bike or walked to school,
When friendship rings were given by the beau,
When a sock dance was something really cool.

I remember a time many years ago,
When school was fun with all your friends there,
Girls had pajama parties or the boys thought so
When you went to the movies or maybe the fair.

I remember a time, when your only concern,
Was a movie to attend, or what girl to date,
When we knew it all, with no need to learn,
When fun was today and tomorrow was fate?

I remember a time, when the Draft was real,
And a war to end all, was still in our mind,
When our flag stood tall, never meant to conceal,
It hung with pride, for all mankind,

I remember a time, when mother’s stayed home,
When Dad’s worked hard, to provide a living,
Cars were metal and bumpers were chrome,
And families were together, on Thanksgiving.

I remember a time, a generation gone by,
When life was good, or so we thought,
When life meant more, I say with a sigh,
Engulfed in history, but not in distraught

by B.J. Ayers

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nostalgia isn't what it used to be eh! ! : o) Nice evocation B J Shaun.