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I Remember Grandma
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I Remember Grandma

Poem By Topo Gigio

Grandma is sitting at the table in front of me,
Staring into blankness, without a word, verbally.
We never really talk, grandmother and I,
But in her silence, she reveals her knowledge.
And in her absence, she conceals her suffrage.

She watches me whilst I eat my pancake,
Making sure my milk is not too warm to take.
I see her gasp for air, moving her lips.
But as my eyes fix onto hers, in anticipation,
The lines on her face soften, with gratification.

She listens to my breath, as I chew.
Knows the cream’s taste, from the face that I drew.
We never talk much, grandmother and I,
But just when she omits to get angry,
I know I’m always safe by her side.

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