I Remember How To Smile

I wrote this poem when I found that I had grown apart from a childhood friend. I wanted to get the point across that even despite the fact that neither of us wanted it to happen, change is inevitable, but memories are yours to keep.

I'm sitting here
Barely breathing, but
Still here.
You say 'Hi.' but seem to speak past me.
Do you wish i were different?
I can smile, too.
Don't you remember?
We used to be friends
Before the parties, games, and even
your first boyfriend.
I don't know how I'm supposed to act
I don't think it can be taught.
Life has pulled us into
Two different winds.
I guess we have gotten caught
In our own, now different, breezes.
But I still remember...
How to smile.
Do you miss it, too?

by Tabitha Castillo

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