I Remember Love

Music of life song for me is sad some moment
How can i not look at you when you
Are what i want to see
Time leave me behind in this race
I'm like in slow motion
Yet i'm moving faster than speed of light
Your kiss did this to me
Your sweet way cause me to stay
Some one need me once more
Guess what i gotta to get up and move on
I see what matter only your happness
What that you say to me when i'm down
Something about the love you gave
That keep me wanting more
Come to me my heart beat
Want you next to me
What you saying i do not hear
After all you say you love me
Over so soon how can that be
What real now that you gone
Just walk away from your committemment
Why you told me that you would never leave
I believe you would not
Then you were gone so quickly
I do not understand your words
Still fresh in my mind of how deep
Your love was for me
I was in the shadow waiting for love
You seem not to notice me
Don't you know i'm in love
Every word you confess your for me i heard
Then you was not there
Don't know i miss you
What not right i'm loving you back
What matter with needing your love
Tell me what i must do
You was by me when i pray to god
For love before i touch your body to mine
We made love we ask God to guide us
The comfort will never be forgotten
We was good together
I want to tell you i really love
That love will never die
Remember good time (Sister Willette Dennis Wilkins)

by George Jerone (Brother DeBuff) Jefferson

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