I Remember Well That Summer Place.

Poem By archie langford

I remember well that summer place,
The sun, the sea, the surf soaked sand,
The light that lit your lovley face,
As we splashed bare foot, hand in hand.
And in the evening on the pier,
Our bodies sore from too much sun,
Tenderly I held you near,
We danced to Cyril Stapleton.
And later in that gox on wheels,
Laughingly called a caravan,
Where we cooked our meagre meals,
And loved as only lovers can.
And now so many years have passed,
I`ve grown old, (I hope with grace) .
Countless memories I`ve amassed,
But I remember well that summer place.

Comments about I Remember Well That Summer Place.

Great poem. Loved it. Pam
The true beauty of this poem is that after all these years, you still remember how her face looked. Truly beautifully written. One of my favorites.
Wow......I love this poem....truly beautiful! Dee

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