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I Remember When
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I Remember When

I remember when I met you, love at first sight
Pretty face, kind of shy, what a delight
You just looked at me with a dazzling eye
Softly said hi
Since then we became soul mate
You turned my life around, what a mysterious fate
We used to sit, hold hands, made plans for life
What we would do when we were husband and wife
Have a big family, children would be all around
They would fill the day with sight and sound.
Would raise them decent with love and care
Only joy and laughter, no fear
But man proposes God disposes
Our dream remained a dream
Society broke up our team
I was not good enough for you to marry me
I was a green horn, a dreamer and care free
Now many decades later ever since I am still searching for you
I loved you with my heart mind and soul, wish you knew.
Wish I could hug you one more time before I go
I never stopped loving you, I want you to know.

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