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I Repair Your Dreams For A Price
RT Raj Thampi (06.09.1973 / India)

I Repair Your Dreams For A Price

Bring them to me
If they are-
Handicapped etc
-Your dreams


-I am
Look at my golden tooth
A perfect example for my
I will make a crown
For your dream (broken, shattered, aged…etc)
A quite fascinating one
-Please have a look in the
All are unique


-I am
Look at my fake leg
A perfect example of my
I will remold
Your dream (broken, shattered, aged…etc)
I might hurt a little
My hammer registers its metal
Against the curves of your
But please have a look at those
Appreciation letters
Pinned in the wall
A perfect re-shaping is assured


-I am
Ah, three piece suit may
Look nastier on them
Still bring your dreams (broken, shattered, aged…etc)
It may be little tight…
It may be little short…
It might have multi-
Colored threads and buttons
I shouldn’t disclose my secret to you-
Dear customer
Aging eyes and lens less specs…
But, please have a look at my suit
It is made of
Pieces, I stole from litter bins
Pieces, I stole from yards (sure to keep myself warm)
Pieces, I stole from the cemeteries
But quite impressive work, right?

Customer care

If you can find me again
If you have better wits
If you have manhandling senses
If you have a piece of lead to spare
If you have a heart doesn’t forgive
I will be at your service
Twenty four hours a day
Seven days a week
All the year, day and night

Payment terms

Pay me few cents in advance
Most of the time I do starve
So I will appreciate…
If you are a man
You might not be eligible for
A discount
If you are a man and lover…
If you are a woman and beautiful
We can negotiate…
My bed is soft and near the fire place…
If you are a…

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