MW (09-09-89 / newark)

I Resign

The pain never felt before
Is engraved in this
Lifeless creature
Standing before you
But take a look
Beyond that blank stare
That creature your speaking of is me
I am the face of
Everlasting pain
My soul can't escape
This shame and torment
My self inflicted wounds bleed for you
Their screaming out to you
And yet you can't see
They scream please stop and see my tears
Don't look through me
Like i'm nothing to you

I wanna speak up and
Tell you that i need help
But i'm afraid you'll back away
I wanna tell you how i
Lay awake at night
And picture me killing myself
A million different ways
I can't stop the visions when they come
As a matter of fact
I don't wanna stop them
To me their like the dreams
In which the pain ends
And this worthless life of mine
Fades away unnoticed

Death has opened my eyes
To a whole new meaning of freedom
I'm just so tired of trying
And i'm sick of lying
Inside i'm dying and i
Carry the burden of being
The only one who knows that

This thing gets inside of me
And tears away my life
I cry out someone help me
I'm falling
Wake me from this hell
And tell me it'll be ok
But no one hears
Because the cry for help was only in my head
I never thought i'd see
The day i'd run away from
Anywhere or anyone or anything
But these voices echo inside my head
And dare me to end it all
I'm tempted because i don't
Wanna face tomorrow and
The pain it'll bring
So i cut myself to watch it bleed
And make sure i'm still real
I love the feel of this
And now i'm running blind
Down a dark narrow pathway
To where i don't care
I just wanna escape and this is my chance
As i cut myself again and again
I realize this is the end
The voices fade
And i know i've reached my goal
To feel free and rid myself of pain
I wanted to be something
I could never be and
I wanted to say the things
I could never say
I was so tired of everything
I guess the only thing i can say to explain
Is that i was sick of my life

by misty wright

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