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I Respect All Decent Human Beings

I respect all decent human beings but to none I dip my hat
And I would fight for no Country my life worth more than that
And I love all wildborn creatures and Nature is my queen
As she wears my favourite colours my favourite colours green

I don't believe in royalty to none I bow my knee
The pope, the queen, the pauper are all the same to me
Those who look up to moneyed types on others will look down
But the one who does nobody wrong is the one who wears the crown.

I see my God in Nature my God is everywhere
The animals that live on grass and the swallows of the air
The birds independent of man who sing for joy of song
To the green God of Nature these creatures all belong.

I respect all decent human beings who live by book of right
But I'm not a patriotic type and for no Country I'd fight
And my God is in Nature and from church I keep away
I'd rather walk in forest than kneel in church and pray.

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