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I Retain The Memories
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I Retain The Memories

In the flat rushy fields in Liscreagh in Millstreet
Where the Cails from Kippagh and the Finnow does meet
The rooks on the beech trees cawing at gloam of day
In fancy i can hear them though from here far away

The dipper is singing where the river rapids flow
And the male pheasant among the rushes does cuck and crow
And above the old fields in the gray Summer sky
The dark barn swallows do chirp as they fly

Though memories of what was to nostalgia gives rise
It is not very hard for one to visualize
The song of the chaffinch i often does hear
Though to me he does not sing anywhere near

Though the migrants may look the worst for time's decay
The memories of what was till death with them will stay
Of the people and natural surroundings they once loved and knew
Till the lust of wander took them to places new

I retain fond memories of my first home place
Where mine today to many would be a stranger's face
In my mind the male robin is singing on a leafy birch tree
And i retain the memories of what used to be.

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