# I Return My Heart

You are the reason
I wake up each day;
I never succeed out of bed
Without a worthy today.

You are the reason
I feel contradictory;
And here you shall hear
The lovely story.

You make me feel wanted
Yet you cast me away;
You make me feel joy
Yet you cause me to feel bad;
You make me feel so loved
Yet you speak like you never loved;
You make me feel confident
Yet you strip me of my self-esteem;
Sense, where had you been?

So where does her honour lie?
In her soft, cosy cushion
in that rectangular box of wood
piled with hidden sacrifices
and emotions
and hopes
and tears
and laughter
and blood...
but ah! they will be gone soon!
buried deep they shall be.
together with the body, the soul and the tomb.

ohmygosh, how my hearts goes out to her
right now im crying for her
my heart is really wailing out loud,
but the mouth refuses to open
im struggling to get those feelings out
she's gone yet theres no one to visit her grave
imagine that!
and no one realises she's gone
oh, someone dropped my heart on the ground!
quickly, i pick it up
i try to close the gaps as much as i can
to stop the bleeding from taking place too fast
oh, dear, takecare of yourself my heart
im sorry, but i have to do this
i've given you to someone else
and i shall once again return you to your rightful owner.

by astaldo ELVEN

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