CI (April 2,1957 / Lynwood California)

I's Been One Of Those Days

kicked in the teeth
with size 22 men’s
combat boots
It was a big pair
but I got over
the initial shock
while bending over
as long as there was a big jar
of Vaseline…
It’s been one of those days,

under a bridge
a pigeon perched
it dripped
on my lip
I was sleeping
and yawned…
smacked my lips with my dry sleepy tongue
It’s been one of those nights,

Blech, anyone
have some toothpate
or mouthwash?
birdpoop is disgusting
and gross I'm going to
get a eggmcmuffin
from the dumpster, or
something, exotic...
it's been one of those mornings

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Dont quite know how to take this. Is it fictional? Lovely concept and well written. Séamus