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I’s Gots A Hound Dog Commin
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I’s Gots A Hound Dog Commin

I’s gots a hound dog commin,
He’s gonna sniff me out
Done went and smelled up Herbert
Done smelled up Janice too.

I’s gots a hound dog commin,
Done smelt out dees new wurds,
An hes gonna tear em up
Tear mes as down as well.

I’s Gots a hound dog commin,
Caint hide mys smell no mo,
Dem wurds puts out an oder,
Dat hound is boundda smell.

I’s gots a hound dog commin,
So I says goes, let em come,
He don’t know nuttin no ways,
No comments dat I’s fears.

I’s gots a hound dog commin,
Here doggie, I’s right here.
Come read dees wurds, an tells me,
Is dis a poet dat ya’s smell?

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Comments (5)

Excuse the delay in my getting here but I spent a long time barking up the wrong tree! !
Hey not half bad my friend.! Probelm is, that Hound Dog is getting all this attention and it's making him Famous. hehe Hugs Jan
Thanks Herbert, that made my night... and no Allan can run with the rest of us
This had me laughing so hard I almost wet my....cheeks (the upper ones) . I can barely do this kind of language in German, hilarious.So who is hound? He got tired of my smell and hasn't been back at all. Is it the right guard or the 'scent of a man'? A 10, no doubt. And is Allan in the dog house or does he need to share with Al the Crow? H
Allan, you finally went freaqen nuts right? ? Janice is a genious, you are too, I think, poetry hound is the 'hound' in the above piece. Written like a slave because PH thinks he's the master. Now apologize to Janice, please.